Pip Seymour Oil Paint

Pip Seymour Oil Paint

Pip Seymour Oil Paint

An oil paint that's handmade by Pip Seymour and Rebecca Wallace on their farm in Yorkshire. They make it to the highest quality achievable and it shows.

These paints have a thick and buttery consistency as the pigment content is very high. This means the paint will go a lot further than cheaper brands and the contents are pure with zero additives, leaving you to add them instead, as it should be.

40ml tubes

Series 1: £6.45

Series 2: £13.95

Series 3: £18.95

Series 4: £22.95

150ml tubes

All Tubes £21.95

Available Colours:

If you are searching for a particular colour, please do get to touch with us to find out what colours we have in the shop. Our number is: 0117 9678437.