About Me

Find out who I am, what I can do to help your business grow and reach the people it needs to.

Paul Jones

Digital Designer

I enjoy everything related to design. A new project means an exciting vision of what it could be and many possibilities of how to make it happen

Graduated with honors in Graphic Design and Communication from the University of Plymouth, UK. I have worked creating designs and brand identities for companies with a true passion for fostering connections between my clients and their communities.

With a wide range of creative skills and prior experience as an artist, print technician, and digital designer, I have mastered the web design process, from pencil and paper, sketching wireframes and logos, to creating brand identities and building web sites with WordPress, simple or complex.

You can explore my current project that showcases my latest skills at Yoga Taronja, where I lead the creative direction and design projects for the Centro de Yoga y Wellbeing. If you are interested in having a website designed, please get in touch. I would be happy to help. Visit my portfolio to see more of my work